You can hire knowledge


You can hire knowledge. This was a major revelation for me. It can quickly get very expensive, but you can always find knowledge within your budget.

You might be used to hiring other people for long term work. But you can also hire them for short, bursty work. If you're a dev, it is like spinning up temporary servers for executing jobs.

This fact is a general knowledge to some people, but a surprising discovery to most. A moment of insight that makes them go - "I didn't realize that I had this option"


  • Need to check if something is doable? hire an expert in the field for a 1 hour call, and ask questions on feasibility. If there are choices to be made, there are consultants who can be asked.
  • Need to check if you know enough about a topic? hire a consultant to probe your knowledge, and tell you the weak areas.
  • Need to learn something fast? hire an expert for 2 hours to lecture you the topic.
  • Need to give a presentation and need someone who knows about the topic more than you? hire an expert

You'll be surprised how many short $100/hour to $1000/hour calls occur every day. It is way too common. Maybe you just never noticed it.


  • You're a backend dev, who needs a good looking frontend for your personal website? hire someone for a small gig (you'll mostly only get beginners for this job)
  • Drafting an article, no idea what needs fixing? hire an editor to help you polish it up
  • Need to prototype out a dashboard? hire a freelancer for it

There are a thousand reasons to hire people. There are a thousand tasks you can delegate away.

Also, if you have knowledge - you can sell it as a service on calls.