I'm Niraj Zade.
Software Engineer.

I design, build, and scale backend API services. Primarily on AWS (AWS SAA Certified).
If you're creating SaaS/PaaS products, I can also help you solve problems like scaling, multi-tenancy, auth etc.


Some projects that I've been a major contributor to:

  • AI-ML PaaS platform on AWS
  • IoT data acquisition platform on AWS, with live and historical metrics dashboard
  • Multi-facility Management Information System for a healthcare chain

Resume →


  • Languages - Python, SQL, Bash
  • Frameworks - Django (Django REST Framework), Flask
  • Databases/Storages - PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • DevOps - Docker, Docker Compose, Git, AWS CICD (CodeBuild, CodeCommit)
  • Cloud - AWS (RDS, Cognito, EC2, EKS, ECS, S3, Lambda etc), VPS (DigitalOcean etc)
  • OS - Linux (Ubuntu, Debian)


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Python code standardization guidelines
Variable names, libraries to use etc. This is an evolving document.
2024 Jun 27   11 min   python guideline

Unicode string comparison in python
Universally applicable string comparison in python. For string comparisons, and for de-duplication in datasets.
2024 May 06   8 min   python

Spark Adaptive Query Engine (AQE) - all the details you need to know
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Spark join strategies
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