Infinite Pomodoro

Timer runs automatically all day, without any input. Just do what the timer says.

Idea borrowed from this article by Alexey Guzey


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  • 25 minutes: 25 minutes of work, 5 minutes break. Every 3rd hour has a long break.
  • 50 minutes: 50 minutes of work, 10 minutes break. No long breaks.

The philosophy

The pomodoro timer runs automatically 24x7. You don't control the timer.
You only control your working hours, and what you do in them.

Set your working hours for the day. During those hours, do what the timer says.
Work when the timer says work.
Take a break when the timer says break.

The timer simply gives cadence to your work. It sets the tempo of work and breaks. It helps you.
Respect the timer. Simple.

Only exception is deep focus. If you are in deep focus, ignore the breaks.

The problem with manual pomodoro timers:
When you use a pomodoro that you have to set manually, every session becomes a decision that you have to make. You get cautious about incomplete sessions.

Soon, you get into doubts like - "I want to work, but I also have to go after 45 minutes. So I won't be able to do a full 50 minute session. Should I start a timer or not?"

With Infinite Pomodoro, you don't have any doubts.
The timer goes on without your input. You don't have control over the timers, so you don't have to think about starting/stopping timers.
The answer to any doubt is always the same - If the timer says work, then work. If the timer says break, then take a break.

  • Something came up and you need to leave? Just go and attend to it. No need to stop any timers.
  • Came back from a distraction? No need to start any timers. The timer has been running on its own. If it is saying work, immediately start working. If it is saying break, take a break.

Sometimes, all you need is a good enough system that doesn't ask for your input. This is a good enough system.